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Difference between friction-type and bearing-pressure type.

High-strength bolts connecting rod through the bolt pre-tightening within the great tension to interconnect the clamping plates, enough to produce great friction, thereby enhancing the integrity and rigidity to connect, when the shear stress, in accordance with the design and different force requirements can be divided into high-strength bolts and high strength bolt friction type connection of two pressure-type connections, the essential difference between the two different limit state, although the same type of bolt, but the calculation methods, requirements, scope, etc. very different aspects. In the shear design, high-strength bolts shear friction type connection is achieved outside the contact area between the plates from the bolt tightening force may provide the greatest friction as a limit state, that is, the connection to use during the entire inside and outside the shear is not exceed the maximum friction. Plates does not occur slip deformation (screw and the hole wall to maintain the existing gap between the amount always), is the overall interconnect pieces of the elastic force. In the shear design, high-strength bolts in bearing-type connections exceeds the maximum allowed outside the shear friction, when connected
Between the plates slip deformation, until the bolt shot and the hole wall contact, then connected by bolts on the shaft and the hole wall shear plates contact surface pressure and friction between the common transmission power, the last to cut or shaft hole wall under pressure as even accept the shear damage limit state.
In short, the friction type high strength bolt and bearing-type high strength bolt is actually the same bolt, but the design is
Considered slip. Friction type high strength bolts must not slip, do not bear the shear bolts, once slip design on the view that a critical state, in the more mature technology; pressure type high strength bolts can slide bolts also under shear, the ultimate destruction of the equivalent of ordinary bolt damage (bad or steel plate shear bolts crushed).

From the use of point of view:
The main structural component of the bolt connections, generally using high-strength bolt connection. Bolts can be reused, high-strength bolts can not be reused.
High-strength bolts are generally used for permanent connection.
High-strength bolts are prestressed bolt, friction type torque wrench with a PC to impose requirements, pressure-type screw head off plum. Poor performance of ordinary strength, shear strength, can be used in the secondary structure of parts.
You can only tighten the bolts.

8.8 is the same level with the 8.8S.

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