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Rules to the high-strength bolts with large node when replaced

To the large node, the number of replacement can not exceed 10% of the total number of nodes bolt at a time. For bolts with fewer nodes, they should be change one by one. In a junction (or node), the material, size and strength grade of bolts, nuts and washers should be used as the same as the original bridge users, of which were replaced a small amount.

For bolted and welded beam, what measures can be taken if the weld cracks were found on or around the steel ?
According to the crack location, nature, size and number, we can take the following measures:
① Crack tip in the drill hole, whose diameter roughly equals plate thickness. The maximum does not exceed 32mm. It must fall into the at holecrack tip.
② Mosaic method using high strength bolt reinforcement.
Crack tip at the tip before reinforced.
③ Swap links or beams.

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