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Power plant,petrochemical project

Writer: admin Time:2019-10-12 00:31

Luneng supercritical power generation boiler factory in Pinggu
Second-stage project of power plant in ShanxiYangcheng city 2*33MW
Yuncheng power plant in Shanxi 2*660MW
Shandong Longkou Donghai thermal power plant 2*330MW
Datang Duolun with an annual output of 460000 tons of coal based olefin project
Hebei Yutian Datang power plant 2*330MW
Ningfa Group Liupanshan power Plant 2*330MW
Chifeng yuanbaoshan thermal power plants 2*660MW
Shanxi Fugu Qingshuichuan power plant 2*1000MW
Shenhua Shendong electricity company Dianta power plant 2*660MW
Sinkiang Huadian Changji New thermal power plants 2*330MW
Zhongdiantou Qingtongxia power plant 2*330MW
DIPGY thermal power plants in west of the Fenhe River 2*300MW
Inner Mongolia Kangbashi thermal power plants 4*350MW
Fujian Zhangzhou thermal power plants 2*600MW
Senhua Yili energy Huangyuchuan coal yard
Oriental electrical new energy wind power shop
Chinacoal group Yulin coal to methanol project
Formosa Plastics Group Ningbo Beilun project
Dalian Fujia dahua PX project
Tianjin Zhongwang aluminum processing factory



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