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Standard parts (fasteners) introduced the industry's major c

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1 bolt: the head and the screw (with the external thread of the cylinder) of a class oftwo-part fasteners, to be with with nut for fastening with a hole connecting the twoparts. This form of said bolted connections. If the nuts from the bolts on the spin, there can separate these two parts, so are removable bolted connection.
2 Stud: no head, only both ends of a class of outer threaded fasteners. Connection, it must be screwed into one end with a threaded hole in the part, with a hole throughthe other end of the part, and then screw on the nut, tighten the connection even if the two parts into a whole see. This connection form is called stud connection, they are all detachable connection. One of the main components used to connect the thickness is larger, requiring a compact, or because of frequent removal, not with bolts of occasions.
3 screws: the screw head and also by the two parts of a class of fasteners, according to the purpose can be divided into three categories: machine screws, set screws and special screw. Machine is mainly used for a tight set screw threadedhole components, and parts with a through-hole connection between the fastening,with no nut (screw connection of this connection type is called, also belong to theremovable connection; also and nuts with, for two parts with a hole between thefastening connection.) set screws mainly used in fixed relative position between thetwo parts. Special purpose screws for example, lifting rings and other parts withscrews.
4 nuts: with internal thread hole, the general shape of the flat hexagonal column wassignificant, but also Chengbian side cylindrical or flat cylindrical, with bolts, studs or machine screw for fastening connecting the two parts, the into a whole.
5 self-tapping screws: with machine screws similar, but the threads on the screwself-tapping screws for the exclusive use of threads. Connection for fastening two thin metal components, making it a whole system out of components on the need toadvance the hole, because of this screw has a hi



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