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The surface of the cap nut acceptance inspection methods

Writer: admin Time:2019-10-12 22:08

(A), quenching cracks:
(2), forging cracks cracks and impurities
2, allows the restriction: if no more than two edges of the cracks, and no holes anterior rift, crack depth does not exceed 0.5, tooth cracks wider than 0.02 D 0.012 at the top and bottom of the nut or cracks in the forging cracks and impurities (3), lock:
2, the burst and burst cut
2, allows the extreme:
(1) Hex nut: If the burst, shear and extension of the free surface and the outbreak of the first round or oblique, and the bottom bearing surface of the coronary artery, punch in the vicinity of a head / bottom of, the width does not exceed 0.010 and 0.02 2, allows restrictions:
4, XiHen
2, allows restrictions:
2, allows restrictions:
8; thread overlap:



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